ACAD 275: Dev I Iovine and Young Academy
ACAD 275: Dev I

Information Architecture

Aaron Siegel | | 2/2/2023
"Information architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks. To do this, you need to understand how the pieces fit together to create the larger picture, how items relate to each other within the system."


Information Architecture

Components of Information Architecture


How you categorize and structure information.

Labeling Systems

How you represent information.

Navigation Systems

How users browse or move through information.

Search Systems

How users look for information.

Visual Hierarchy

Components of Visual Hierarchy


Placement of visual elements will impact the order in which a viewer consumes them.


The size of elements has a huge impact on what viewers will perceive as primary, secondary, or tertiary information.


Increased contrast between foreground and background elements will increase the prominance of an element.


Color can effectively be used to categorize information.

Visual Identity

Components of Visual Identity


Selection of type faces and styles that are consistently applied across your web experience.


A limited color palette used to clearly communicate information and apply branding to content.


Consistent design to symbols, icons, illustrations, navigation elements.


The science of signs. How are you communicating brand values through imagery and symbolism?

Techniques for Web Design

Techniques for Web Design


Wireframing is a rough way of iterating on the structure and positioning of how information will be laid out on your page.


A sitemap allows you to diagram the interconnectivity between pages and the flow through which a user can experience the content.


Collecting third party visual assets as inspiration for the direction to take your visual identity development.


Refined static versions to convey the appearance of your different webpages to be later implemented using HTML/CSS.