ACAD 275: Dev I Iovine and Young Academy
ACAD 275: Dev I

The Internet and World Wide Web

Aaron Siegel | | 1/10/2023

The Internet

Internet Protocol

The syntax used to send data packets over the network.


A computer running software to perform services and provide content to clients.


Your computer, or other users, accessing services and data over the network.


Devices that move data packets between networks to get from sender to recipient.

World Wide Web


Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the syntax computers use to communicate requests between a client and a server.


Hypertext Markup Language is used to structure content for the world wide web.

Web Server

Web Servers run software to provide files to client computers requesting a web address.

Web Browser

A software application users run on their computer to load content from web servers.

History of the Internet

Tools for Web Publishing

HTML is for Structure

HTML allows you to define how your content is structured within your page.

CSS is for Style

CSS allows you to style the appearance of the content within your page.

JavaScript is for Behavior

JavaScript allows you to program the behavior and interactivity of the content within your page.