Week 1: Lab #01

Upload Image Avatar

DUE: Thursday, 1/12 @ 5pm

  1. Choose a JPG image that you would like to use for your image avatar on the front page of the class website. Ideally the image is square and of reduced size, so if you have the image manipulation skills to crop, reduce the dimensions, and compress, that would be appreciated.
  2. Using FileZilla to connect to the class web server, create a new folder in your "public_html" directory and name it "acad275".
  3. Rename your image "avatar.jpg" and upload it into the newly created "acad275" folder. If everything works, your new image should be visible on the front page of the class website.

Upload your completed lab by the due date specified above and make sure that you add a working link to it on your class page, otherwise it will not be reviewed and you will not receive credit.