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JavaScript Exam Study Guide

In preparing for the WRITTEN exam I would suggest:

In preparing for the PRACTICAL exam I would suggest:

Written Examination

Practical Examination

JavaScript and jQuery Review

Review: Locating an object

Review: Adding Event Triggers to objects

Review: "this" object

Editing properties of objects

Variables, named functions, conditional logic

Variables can be created exactly the same in Javascript and jQuery. And once you "load" jQuery into a page you can alternate/switch between JS and jQ on different lines if you choose (but do NOT put object-specific regular Javascript and jQuery in the same line).

Similarly, you set up functions exactly the same in Javascript vs jQuery. Remember, jQuery is written in Javascript. And you can mix JS and jQ in different lines of a function.

And finally, like variables and naming functions, there is no special jQuery version of conditional logic. You use the same syntax to set up "conditions" regardless of whether you will have Javascript, jQuery or both inside of the logic branch.

Additional examples of JS versus jQ:

JavaScript and jQuery Concept Reference and Study Guide

Fundamental Javascript Concepts:

Fundamental jQuery Concepts:

  Review of Functionality you should be familiar with (in Javascript and jQuery):  
Material NOT on the exam: You will not be responsible on the exam for:

Javascript Review Guide (by former class assistant Anupam):

jQuery Review Guide (by former class assistant Anupam):

Handy Student Review Guide (by former class assistant Hal Pan):