Extra Credit: Assignment

Extra Credit: Web Game

DUE: Thursday, 5/4 @ 5pm (worth 5% bonus on your final grade)

You have the opportunity to create a web based game for up to 5% extra credit applied to your final grade. Here are some ideas for games that you could potentially make with the scope of technology we have covered this semester, but feel free to come up with your own idea and run it by me for approval.

Each web game will be required to include a number of different components to qualify for the full 5% extra credit:

  1. HTML structure to contain all of the required interface elements for your game.
  2. CSS and graphics to appropriately style and decorate your game interface elements.
  3. JavaScript routines to handle game states, user input, user events, validating user input, and managing game related data.
  4. Your game must have a beginner state, potentially multiple rounds, and an ending state when the player wins or loses the game.