Week 12: Assignment #12

Group Website: Content Build

DUE: Tuesday, 4/11 @ 5pm

This build will contain the majority of the primary content pages of the site, laid out and with the final design implemented. More interactive elements may be static (not yet scripted), but this should represent the majority of the traditional content of the site. You will be allowed to add more content after this build, but this assignment will be graded according to the requirements below:

The completed site should be hosted on the iyaclasses web space of ONE of the group members, but EVERY member should have a link to the assignment from their classpage.

When evaluating your content builds, some questions or items to think about for your sites:
  1. Consistency: Does the site have a consistent look and feel and design? Do all the pages feel like they belong to the same site?
  2. Navigation: Is the nav easy to understand and use? Can you get around between pages? Does it fairly accurately represent the scope of the site?
  3. Content: Does the site have actual, useful content (only limited/select places should have placeholder content)? Is it well presented? Some sites may be heavier in graphics rather than text, with heavy uses of photos and galleries, although all sites should have narrative text in them.

Upload your completed assignment by the due date specified above and make sure that you add a working link to it on your class page, otherwise it will not be reviewed and you will not receive credit. If you expect to be late submitting an assignment, you need to email the instructor and grader prior to the deadline to notify them of the late submission, then later follow up once your assignment has been completed, uploaded, and linked from your class page. The latest a late assignment can be submitted is a week after its original due date.