Week 6: Assignment #06

Alternate Frontpage Designs

DUE: Tuesday, 2/21 @ 5pm

Having now received feedback and critique on your individual website project frontpage, you will create 3 alternate designs for your frontpage.

Using Figma, create three different variations utilizing the critique input from your peers. You may build off of the visual identity you have already established (colors, typography, iconography, images, etc) but apply it in different ways based on the feedback you received.

Your final lab submission should be a page that contains a screenshot of your original frontpage design, and then images of the three alternate versions which you can export from Figma as PNG images.

Upload your completed assignment by the due date specified above and make sure that you add a working link to it on your class page, otherwise it will not be reviewed and you will not receive credit. If you expect to be late submitting an assignment, you need to email the instructor and grader prior to the deadline to notify them of the late submission, then later follow up once your assignment has been completed, uploaded, and linked from your class page. The latest a late assignment can be submitted is a week after its original due date.